Great season - congratulations to you all!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Match #10: Hen Hud

Hen Hud is one of the strongest teams in the league, so playing them can be a great challenge as well as a great opportunity.  Our boys went into every match with confidence and a determination to compete with determination.   Of course, they met my expectations and played admirably.


1S: Luke 
2S: Matt
3S: Devonte

1D: Anthony and Max
2D: Anders and Harrison
3D: Karlos and Steven
4D: Sam and Joe M

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Match #9: at Beacon

Some well fought matches against a strong Beacon team yesterday.  Though we lost, I see great improvement, heart and sportsmanship from all players.

Shout out performance to Devonte, who fought valiantly through three sets against a tough opponent.  After the match, the opposing coach made a point to D about the great improvement in his game.  I agree: Devonte is playing as well as I've ever seen him play.

And another dominating performance from Harrison and Anders.  Great job guys!

Finally, thanks to the parents for supporting the kids.  It means a lot to have you all there.
Next week's schedule: Monday, home, No. Salem; Wednesday, home, Hen Hud; Friday, away, Ossining.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Match #9: at Beacon

FINAL lineup (2 pm)

1S Matthew Scolaro (PV)
2S Anthony Castro (PHS)
3S Davonte Woodton (PHS)

1D Maxuel Martins (PV)
1D Anthony Ricciardi (PV)

2D Harrison Deegan (PV)
2D Anders Spittal (PV)

3D Steven Sperling (PV)
3D Samuel Martinez (PHS)

4D Joey Muschette (PHS)
4D Joe Saez (PV)

RES Karlos Chamba (PHS)
RES Lucas Greenwood (PV)
RES Enok Guartembel (PHS)
RES Aaron Breton (PHS)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Peekskill Side

Most of our players represented here.  Just missing Aaron Breton.
Great work boys, and remember to turn your shoulders when loading up!

Match #8: at Kennedy Catholic

Another great win today.  All four of our teams won, including a great come-from-behind win for Luke in the 2nd singles spot.  Luke was down 2-5, but muscled his way back to an 8-6 win.  The key moment was when he broke serve to get to 5-6, and then ran away with it from there. Great, clutch play.

Devonte also earned another dominating win in the 3rd singles spot.  As you can see from the pic, Devonte is moving extremely well and taking control of the play.  Love it!

Finally, Matt earned another win in the 1st singles spot.  

Follow this link for a full set of pix: Match vs Kennedy Catholic


1S Matt
2S Luke
3S Devonte

1D Anders/Harrison
2D, 3D, 4D all Kennedy forfeits

Lineup vs Kennedy

Kennedy Location:  124-274 heritage Hills Drive, Somers, NY

41°20'15.3"N 73°41'25.3"W

or 41.337917, -73.690324

1S Luke
2S: Matt
3S: Devonte

1D Anders/Harrison
2D Max/Steven
3D Karlos/Anthony C
4D Sam/Enok

RES Joe Saez, Joey Muchette
OUT, Anthony R, Aaron B

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Match tomorrow, 4/20, vs Kennedy Catholic

I will confirm with the Kennedy AD tomorrow morning, but it looks like there is a match tomorrow.

Match is at Kennedy Catholic.

tentative lineup

1S Luke
2S Matt
3S Anthony C

1D Anders/Harrison
2D Max/Anthony R
3D Aaron/Joey M
4D Steven/Karlos

Monday, April 18, 2016

Match 7: Panas

A great win!  On our first really hot day of tennis, the PPV boys were able to earn their first true, seven game match 4-3.  Though there were many highlights, three matches demonstrated some of the mental toughness so necessary in successful tennis.  First, Matt was able to hold on and win a first set tie-breaker 14-12 and then put the match away in the second set.  Second, in the 1st doubles spot, Luke and Anthony rebounded from a second set "bagel" to win the third set super tiebreaker and, finally, Steven and Anthony, new partners, worked out their first set jitters (they lost the set) to go on to win the second set and the third set super-tiebreaker in relative comfort.

Great credit goes to Max and Harrison who stepped into unfamiliar 1st and 2nd singles roles.  Both played well, with Harrison narrowly missing the win in a three set marathon.


1S Max
2S Harrison
3S Matt

1D Luke/Anthony R
2D Anders/Devonte
3D Steven/Anthony C
4D Samuel/Joe

And finally, much thanks again to Enoc for support his team!

Match 6: vs Ossining

Another challenge, especially for our singles players, but we enjoyed success with our doubles teams, including wins from the unstoppable team of Spittal and Deegan, plus a fantastic, come from behind, over time win for Aaron and Joey.  Great stuff from all players!


1S Luke
2S Matt
3S Devonte

1D Max/Anthony
2D Anders/Harrison
3D Aaron/Joey
4D OSS forfeit

Match 5: at Hen Hud

At Hen Hud - we saw some very strong competition, and our boys were able to try out some new positions in the lineup.  I think the best part of the day was the picture!


1S Matt
2S Max
3S Anthony

1D Anders/Harrison
2D Luke/Devonte
3D Aaron/Joey
4D Anthony/Sam

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Match 4: at North Salem

Difficult conditions outside, very cold and wet.  Courts were extremely soft.
Singles players went up against stiff competition and competed well.  Congratulations to Max for stepping into the 2S role and facing a big serve.

And the the Harrison/Anders team continues to find success with great court coverage and attacking the net.  Well done in the 1S spot!

1S: Matt
2S: Max
3S: Devonte

1D: Anders/Harrison
2D: NS forfeit
3D: NS forfeit
4D: NS forfeit

Finally, special thanks to Aaron, Sam, Anthony, Enoc and Kiran for making the trip to support the team!

Practice 12: Conditioning and Volleyball

Wet day.  We worked on speed work and conditioning using the turf courts.  Then played 3v3 "volleyball."  Objective is to improve ball contact and to be able to react quickly, especially in volleying.

Match 3: vs Beacon

Very competitive match.  Our singles players continue to battle and will take their experiences forward to improved play.  Congratulations to Devonte, who moved around the court as well as he has ever done.

1S: Matt
2S: Lucas
3S: Devonte

1D: Anthony and Max
2D: Anders and Harrison
3D: Joey and Aaron
4D: Steven and Joe

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Match 2: vs Brewster

Good work from the doubles boys, especially Anthony and Max who hung in mentally and earned a win that was their's for the taking.   

Singles boys had a tough afternoon, but will take the experience and learn from it.  Consider what Matt had to adapt to in an opponent that threw a non-conventional style at him.  In those situations, we must remain patient and confident in our own game, and not try to over-compensate for your opponents' lack of pace.  

Also, all players greatly improve their chances when they move their feet to the ball.  Constantly bending over and reaching for a low ball leads to undesired results.   Instead, move quickly to the ball so you can take it just before it reaches the highest point of its bounce. Also, with low balls, get your body low, too - really, as low as possible!

S1 Luke
S1 Matt
S3 Devonte

D1 Anthony, Max
D2 Anders, Harrison

D3, D4 Brewster forfeit

Monday, April 4, 2016

Practice 11: Weight training

At PHS fitness center.

Brewster reschedule

Today's match against Brewster has been rescheduled for tomorrow, April 5.  Arrive at the courts by 3:45.

They only have five teams, too, so we will play Luke, Matthew and Devonte 1, 2 and 3 singles, and Max/Anthony 1 doubles, Anders/Harrison 2 doubles.

Expect to play 8 game prosets, but the final decision on sets will be made depending on weather at game time.

Let' go!