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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Match 2: vs Brewster

Good work from the doubles boys, especially Anthony and Max who hung in mentally and earned a win that was their's for the taking.   

Singles boys had a tough afternoon, but will take the experience and learn from it.  Consider what Matt had to adapt to in an opponent that threw a non-conventional style at him.  In those situations, we must remain patient and confident in our own game, and not try to over-compensate for your opponents' lack of pace.  

Also, all players greatly improve their chances when they move their feet to the ball.  Constantly bending over and reaching for a low ball leads to undesired results.   Instead, move quickly to the ball so you can take it just before it reaches the highest point of its bounce. Also, with low balls, get your body low, too - really, as low as possible!

S1 Luke
S1 Matt
S3 Devonte

D1 Anthony, Max
D2 Anders, Harrison

D3, D4 Brewster forfeit

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