Great season - congratulations to you all!!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Conference Tournament

Great job by the doubles teams of Anders/Harrison and Anthony/Luke today at the conference tournament.  It was a beautiful day, and there were terrible winds, but the lads, as always, represented the schools admirably.

Finally, special thanks to Max for coming up to support his boys!

Selected photos below.
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End of the season, bittersweet

Last week in review: three matches, three wins

All pix from the week are at:Week of tennis

5/10: No Salem, 5-2, including doubles wins from Harrison and Anders, and Luke and Anthony

5/11: JFK: 7-0, including a singles win from Max and doubles wins from Luke and Anthony, and Matt and Sam

5/12: Panas: 6-1, huge win, improving on our earlier win of 4-3.  Notable wins from Max (again!), Matt in a grueling effort of mental toughness, and Anders and Devonte, also showing the fortitude to keep fighting right until the end.

Congratulations to the boys for a fantastic season.

So, why bittersweet?
The bitter
  • Out last two matches against Lakeland look like they are not going to be rescheduled.  If we had played these matches it is likely we would have won, which would have given us a 9-7 WINNING record.  
  • I'm gonna miss working with you all and seeing your skills improve.
The sweet
  • Our record was 7-7, perhaps the best in PPV tennis history
  • We earned a fantastic win in our last match against Beacon, including come-from-behinds for Matt in the singles spot and the doubles team of Anders/Devonte
  • Two doubles teams were awarded spots in the Conference Tournament
    • Harrison and Anders, 8-2 overall
    • Luke and Anthony, 4-0
It was a great season during which each and every player improved.

Boys, you should be proud of yourselves for your dedication to improving and your competitive spirit!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Busy week ahead

One last practice today before five matches in four days.

Today's practice focused on getting doubles teams to the net, something we've been working on all year.   Also, positioning on the court is crucial.  If we find ourselves in no-man's land between the service line and base line, we're going to find it difficult to win a point.  Hold your baseline and play the ball off the bounce or, after a short shot by your opponent, hit a deep approach and both teammates take the net and end the point!

Here is our schedule for the week

May 9: practice
May 10: match, home, vs North Salem
May 11: match, home, vs JFK
May 12: match, home, at Panas
May 13: match, double header at Lakeland

Tentative lineup for tomorrow

1S Harrison
2S Matt
3S Devonte

1D Luke, Anthony
2D Anders, Max
3D Joey S, Steven
4D Joey M, Sam

Short video on doubles positioning and getting to the net:

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Another cancel

Today's match against Panas has been cancelled.

Training at the Peekskill High School fitness center, 3:30.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Lineup vs Lakeland


1S Matt
2S Max
3S Devonte

1D Anthony, Luke
2D Anders, Harrison
3D Joe M, Karlos
4D Sam, Enok

Reserve: Joey S, Steven, Anthony C


It is going to be a wet week.  Our match today was cancelled, but we are going to reschedule for May 13th.

Here is the schedule going forward

Tuesday, May 3: vs Lakeland, 3:30 at Depew
Wednesday, May 4: vs Panas, 3:30 at Depew
Thursday, May 5, vs Kennedy, 3:30 at Depew
Friday, May 6, Practice, 3:30 at Depew

Monday, May 9: Practice, 3:30 at Depew
Tuesday, May 10: vs No. Salem, 3:30 Depew
Wednesday, May 11: Practice, 3:30 at Depew
Thursday, May 12: Practice, 3:30 at Depew
Friday, May 13: at Lakeland, 3:30 Lakeland HS (last match)

Sectionals, should anyone make it, begin the week of May 16th.

Match #11: at Ossining

at Ossining, April 29

Anders gets his first singles win!  Great job by Anders to fight off another good athlete in Friday's match.  We also saw strong play from Harrison, battling a young tennis star.  Both of these young men are turning into strong players!

1S Harrison
2S Max
3S Anders

1D Devonte, Anthony
2D Joe S, Steven
3D Ossining forfeit
4D double forfeit