Great season - congratulations to you all!!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

End of the season, bittersweet

Last week in review: three matches, three wins

All pix from the week are at:Week of tennis

5/10: No Salem, 5-2, including doubles wins from Harrison and Anders, and Luke and Anthony

5/11: JFK: 7-0, including a singles win from Max and doubles wins from Luke and Anthony, and Matt and Sam

5/12: Panas: 6-1, huge win, improving on our earlier win of 4-3.  Notable wins from Max (again!), Matt in a grueling effort of mental toughness, and Anders and Devonte, also showing the fortitude to keep fighting right until the end.

Congratulations to the boys for a fantastic season.

So, why bittersweet?
The bitter
  • Out last two matches against Lakeland look like they are not going to be rescheduled.  If we had played these matches it is likely we would have won, which would have given us a 9-7 WINNING record.  
  • I'm gonna miss working with you all and seeing your skills improve.
The sweet
  • Our record was 7-7, perhaps the best in PPV tennis history
  • We earned a fantastic win in our last match against Beacon, including come-from-behinds for Matt in the singles spot and the doubles team of Anders/Devonte
  • Two doubles teams were awarded spots in the Conference Tournament
    • Harrison and Anders, 8-2 overall
    • Luke and Anthony, 4-0
It was a great season during which each and every player improved.

Boys, you should be proud of yourselves for your dedication to improving and your competitive spirit!

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