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Monday, May 9, 2016

Busy week ahead

One last practice today before five matches in four days.

Today's practice focused on getting doubles teams to the net, something we've been working on all year.   Also, positioning on the court is crucial.  If we find ourselves in no-man's land between the service line and base line, we're going to find it difficult to win a point.  Hold your baseline and play the ball off the bounce or, after a short shot by your opponent, hit a deep approach and both teammates take the net and end the point!

Here is our schedule for the week

May 9: practice
May 10: match, home, vs North Salem
May 11: match, home, vs JFK
May 12: match, home, at Panas
May 13: match, double header at Lakeland

Tentative lineup for tomorrow

1S Harrison
2S Matt
3S Devonte

1D Luke, Anthony
2D Anders, Max
3D Joey S, Steven
4D Joey M, Sam

Short video on doubles positioning and getting to the net:

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