Great season - congratulations to you all!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Match 1: Lourdes High School

Wins from #2 singles, #2 doubles and #4 doubles.  Great job, especially Matthew, who earned a win using his mind as well as his tennis.

Also, props to Aaron, who played a solid, steady and, when appropriate, aggressive doubles game.

Notes to singles players:
1. take the ball early, just before it hits the top of its arc.
2. work hard to get your body and feet in the right position to make the shot.

Notes to doubles players:
1. court management, meaning to be mindful of your position on the court - you and your partner should be evenly covering the court: one on the deuce side, one on the ad side.
2. get to the net!
3. when at the net, stagger your position.

Here is a quick video on some doubles basics.  Notice the formation of the serving team shown during point #3, and compare them to the formation of the receiving team.  Whatever works for you and your partner, works!

And special thanks to Kiran, who managed a solid side and organized the match perfectly!


1S Lucas Greenwood
2S Matthew Scolaro
3S Davonte Woodton

1D Maxuel Martins
1D Anthony Ricciardi

2D Anders Spittal
2D Harrison Deegan

3D Aaron Breton
3D Joey Muschette

4D Steven Sperling
4D Joe Saez

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