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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Practice #7, March 18

Objective: Mastering serve

Intro: Mini-tennis.  Players work in pairs and play tennis within the service boxes.  Emphasis on stroke form, tempo, touch.

Lesson: Coach models stance, stroke, toss and trajectory of the ball.  Stance has front foot at a 45° angle with the service line, back foot parallel with the service line.  Toss is high and slightly in front of the server (if left the fall, the tossed ball should fall about 12" - 24" inside of the service line).  Racquet goes backwards as the toss goes up, racquet sweeps back and comes forward to hit the ball at it's highest point.

Activity: Players are broken in to groups and each takes one of the four service courts and practice serves.  Coach works with each player to reinforce technical points.

Close: Around the World!

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