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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Practice #2, March 10

Practice #2

Objective: Continue developing forehand skills. In addition to proper forehand grip and shifting the weight, work on shoulder rotation, swing direction (low to high), and swing finish.

Intro: "dribbling and tossing." Players work alone, but everyone is on the same 1/2 court. Dribble tennis balls straight down 20x, the keep ball in the air 20x. 3 minutes standing still. 3-5 minutes moving around the 1/2 court.

Lesson: 2v2, 1/2 court hitting. Working on control and cross court shot. Focus is on weight shift: loading up weight and torque on the back foot, transitioning weight to front foot.

Coach training: doubles teams, coach feeds a cross court shot, receiving player must return a cross court shot, teams play out point. Coach works each count (deuce and ad, both sides) fifteen - twenty balls to each position.

Play: hitting doubles and singles. Two doubles games. No serve. Self-feed cross court shots. Close: Around the word singles competition.

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