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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Practice #3, March 11

Objective: introduce proper backhand grip, hitting a backhand

 Intro: Identify one hand and two hand backhand players. Then break into two groups. One hand players: work on grip, stroke for a slice (Australian) backhand. Stroke starts high and finishes high. 

One-handers' lesson: teams of two, both standing at a fence. One is a hitter, one feeds. Hitter starts half way through the shot: shoulders are turned perp to fence, weight on back foot, racquet back, both hands on racquet (weak hand about at the neck). Partner bounces the ball to hitter, hitter finishes the shot. Shoulders stay closed, from racquet head, to front shoulder, through chest, to back shoulder to off hand in back is all on one plane (see Federer).

Two-handers' lesson: both happen to be developed players. Worked on form - backswing hands are together and close to body, shoulders hard turned to ball, right shoulder is pushing to the chin and player looks forward. Inside-out swing, hands are away from body as the ball is struck, left hand dominant, finish swing with a totally open stance, inside left elbow coming across the face.

Play: 2v2, 1/2 court hitting. Working on control. Focus is on weight shift: loading up weight on the back foot, transitioning weight to front foot, keeping shoulders perpendicular to the net on finish (one-handers) or being open to net (two handers).

Close with this activity.

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