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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Practice #4, March 14

Objective: continue working on backhand

Intro: Dribbling and tossing, backhand and forehand.   Players work alone, but everyone is on the same 1/2 court. Dribble tennis balls straight down 20x, the keep ball in the air 20x. 3 minutes standing still. 3-5 minutes moving around the 1/2 court.  Start with forehand, continue with backhand.

Lesson: Break up one hand and two hand backhand players. One hand players: assess grip, reiterate stroke for a slice (or Australian?) backhand. Stroke starts high and finishes high.

One-handers: Coach is on one side, two or four players on the other (if four, two players active, two players shadowing).  Coach feeds backhands to players.  Work on technical: weight transfer, shoulder turn, finish perpendicular to net.  Keep the head focused on point of contact all the way through the stroke!

Two-handers: Work on form - backswing hands are together and close to body, shoulders hard turned to ball, right shoulder is pushing to the chin and player looks forward. Inside-out swing, hands are away from body as the ball is struck, left hand dominant, finish swing with a totally open stance, inside left elbow coming across the face.

Play: 2v2, 1/2 court hitting. Working on control. Focus is on weight shift: loading up weight on the back foot, transitioning weight to front foot, keeping shoulders perpendicular to the net on finish (one-handers) or being open to net (two handers).

Close with this activity.

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