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Friday, March 18, 2016

Practice #6, March 17

Objective: reiterate ground strokes, some doubles strategy.

Intro: Mini-tennis.  Players work in pairs and play tennis within the service boxes.  Emphasis on stroke form, tempo, touch.

Lesson: Students work independently with coach.  Start at service line, mini tennis.  Coach reiterates importance of shoulder turn.  Work through an entire bucket of cross-court forehands, then an entire bucket of cross-court backhands.  Pace depends on ability of player.  Three progressions max: 1st is played at the service line; 2nd is in no-man's land; third is from the baseline.  After each shot, the player must return to the center and get in a ready position.

Cross-court forehands: Torque it!

While players are waiting, they play King of the Court.  First in singles games, then as doubles teams.

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