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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Practice #5, March 16

Objective: introduction to volleying and some doubles strategy.

Intro: Dribbling and tossing with the racquet, backhand and forehand.   Players work alone, but everyone is on the same 1/2 court. Dribble tennis balls straight down 20x, the keep ball in the air 20x. 3 minutes standing still. 3-5 minutes moving around the 1/2 court.  Start with forehand, continue with backhand.  Increase height of the tossing and the force of the dribbling.

Lesson: Break up into pairs.  Work on volleying technique.  On balls of the feet, racquet at center of body, racquet head high, slight backhand grip.  Stroke is a very short "punch" stroke.  Rotate shoulders slightly, punch the ball with the racquet head.  Key to success is: stiff elbow and wrist, your head and the head of the racquet are at the same height when the ball is struck, short back-swing, short follow through.

Activity: coach hits ground strokes to players at net.  Players work on form and technique.

Progression #1: players start at service line, coach plays them balls, players volley balls back and together take a few steps towards the net.  Emphasis on body moving forward, continually attacking the net, looking to control net play, and positioning for a put away (angled shot deep the corners).

Progression #2: players start at baseline.  Coach plays a shot ball and receiving player makes a deep approach shot and the two partners start coming to the net.  Strategy: on shallow shot when both players are at the baseline, players see the shallow shot as an opportunity to make an approach, then do so with a deep return, and then they come to the net.  Non-hitting player takes closer "attack" position at the net, looking for a put-away.  Hitting player lags a little just inside the service line to cover in case of a lob.  Players are never flat.

Play: singles players play points.  One plays, one waits.  Win and stay on.  Doubles players play sets.

Close: Around the World (Ashton wins).

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